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The product

Ernesto Port Glace is made from real wine. We created the Port Glace in such a way that it would fit the demands of every chef. We do this by keeping the quality high on three levels.

Flavour: The recipe has been flavoured with thyme, cinnamon, citrus fruits en other herbs and spices.
Structure: The structure of the syrup is at its best at a temperature of 18C. When the temperature rises the structure becomes more liquid. When temperature drops the structure starts to thicken.
Optical: Because of the fine techniques used the syrup beholds the deep red colour of the wine used.

Because of the balance between these three elements the Port Glace has multiple usages: as a dip with a cheese/meet (charcuterie) platter, plate art for a perfect presentation or the main flavour of a refined diner. Our signature dish is a pumpkin curry puree, caramelized onion with cumin and skin fried duck breast.

Our products are all artisanal made. We only use fresh and the best ingredients for our products. Because we want to keep our products as natural as possible, some deviations may occur.

Ernesto Portstroop is available for consumers in an elegant 200ml glass packaging, for the proffesionals amongst us the Portstroop is available in a easy to use 500ml bottle. On the page Selling Points you can see where Ernesto Port Glace is available.

Would you like to know what endless combinations there are with Ernesto Portstroop? Take a look at our Recipe Page!


Dick Aerts - Bedenker Ernesto Portstroop

Ernesto Port Glace is an end product of years of refinement. The Port Glace is named after its creator Ernesto. He discovered his love for food at an early age and started working in village restaurant.

During his years of experience he has worked with many recipes. Ernesto also started experimenting during this period with the Port Glace and this became the foundation of years of finetuning.

Recipes and media

Would you like to know what endless combinations there are with Ernesto Port Glace? Take a look at our Recipe Page.


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